Bloody Broken Fate by Hazel Jonas

Bloody Broken Fate by Hazel Jonas
Series: Fated by Honor #1
on 12/13/2023
Genres: Romance, Vampires
Pages: 316
Format: ARC
Source: BookSirens
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I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

I don't know or care what a "fated mate" is—I want nothing to do with the vampire who's become a villain as vicious as the one I freed him from.
Five years ago, answering an emergency call resulted in my abusive husband getting what was coming to him and me somehow rescuing a captive vampire. Despite Zeno's frail appearance, something about him called to me. I ignored our connection, helped reunite him with his family, and then returned to the human world like nothing had happened.
Zeno comes crashing back into my life looking lethally seductive and acting as second-in-command of a notorious criminal syndicate. On top of that, he's claiming I'm his fated mate—something that belongs to him.
Disturbed by his deception and possessiveness, I reject him on the spot and storm away. The fanged fiend responds by pinning me in a puddle of blood to "taint my scent."
I should despise the monster Zeno has become. Yet every look into his hardened amber eyes shows me echoes of the vulnerable man I saved—one desperate for retribution and his family's survival.
When Zeno's family uncovers that he's hidden our connection all these years, the tensions between us become meaningless. Forced into a violent world, I discover that Zeno's secrets are darker than the inner workings of the vampire underworld.
Bloody, Broken Fate is a standalone, dark, fated mates, vampire romance that ends with a happily ever after. It contains themes and subject matter that some may find disturbing. The Fated by Honor series is interconnected but can be read in any order.


I’ve been reading so much holiday romance, that I was desperately in need for something darker. Cue me picking up Bloody Broken Fate by Hazel Jonas, a vampire dark romance. I don’t really do fated mates, but I love vampires so I figured it would be a good way to tip toe into that subgenre. I was SO pleasantly surprised!

This is absolutely a book that grows on you. I was hesitant at first, but that’s more to do with how unbelievable the initial scenario was. Why is a social worker going inside a crime scene alone without a police escort? Even victim advocates that work with local law enforcement will be within sight. So, I was absolutely worried that the rest of the book would be disappointing. I was wrong! I devoured this so quickly; absolutely could not put it down after getting over the first handful of pages!

Raquel and Zeno are interesting characters. Both are patient and understanding with one another to the point of being self-sacrificing. It is endearing and such a refreshing change of pace compared to a lot of alpha MMC in other dark romances. Zeno absolutely is insistent on anything that happens between he and Raquel be on her terms, at her pace. He doesn’t want to force this bond on her, knowing how unfair it is, and the brilliant thing that Jonas does to highlight just how much Zeno respects Raquel is give us time jumps. Raquel lives her own life apart from Zeno completely (to her knowledge at least) and it adds to their eventual romance – makes it feel earned.

Worldbuilding is very interesting! I actually want to dive in and continue with this series. Vampire mafiosos and witches/wizards at potential odds with them. Greek gods, literally not just hunk wise, walking amongst the paranormal community. I want to know it all. I want to experience it all. Especially Zeno’s brother Odin who seems like a mess and as anyone who knows me knows, I can’t say no to a disaster.

Plot was interesting. The romance seemed to make up the bulk of the book, but there is absolutely a “main” plot which leaves off on a cliffhanger. I can’t fault it because this is a book one in a series, so it is definitely looking to set up bigger things and a bigger world. Technicals were I think the weakest part of the book. Now, I know this was an advanced copy I read, so I’m hoping the errors were corrected. If not, it wasn’t something that detracted from the story, just a little annoying.

Bloody Broken Fate by Hazel Jonas was a really pleasant vampire/fated mates romance! I enjoyed the slow burn romance and getting to know all of the characters and world in this new series. Definitely recommended for dark paranormal fans.


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