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Their Shattered Hearts by Angie Cole / Cover Reveal

A story of love, loss, and redemption unfolds in the rustic charm of Cardinal Creek, Texas. Will Deluca, a stoic firefighter and ranch owner, bears the weight of his wife’s untimely demise. His world once filled with warmth, now echoes with the silent grief of his two children and the

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The Night Ride by Anya Summers / Cover Reveal

No amount of military training can prepare you to fight for love.⁣

The Night Ride by Anya Summers is a steamy, forbidden, stand-alone romance where a Navy SEAL falls for his best friend’s sister, as they face an attraction they cannot deny. Look for it on June

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Utopia by Marie-Helene Lebeault / Cover Reveal

Three extraordinary teenagers, each an outcast in their worlds, unite to reshape the destiny of a utopian society. Ryn, who couldn’t adapt to life under the sea, Eira, born above the clouds but unable to breathe the thin air, and Aiden, rejected by the subterranean civilization, embarks on a thrilling

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The Sword and the Hounds by AB Finlayson

Now he’s just drunk. The dead are silent, and Arthur is worried he might be living up to the family name. But after going back to where the Crazy people live and spending months sleeping off hangovers in his childhood bed, it’s finally time to return to the land of

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Brutal Mercy by Anya Summers / Cover Reveal

“Brutal Mercy” by Anya Summers, book one in the Massimo Mafia series, is set to publish on December 26th, 2023. The adult romance and suspense novel depicts a criminal kingpin who encounters a woman who could potentially redeem him. Summers, a bestselling multi-genre author, lives in the Midwest and cherishes

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