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A Not So Bollywood Meet Cute by Miya Malai

With such a cute title and cover, I could not wait to dive into A Not So Bollywood Meet Cute by Miya Malai. The concept was super cute, and it was a breezy read on its own, however I think it could’ve been so much better if it was more

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Winter Bloodlust by Miranda Thorn

Stumbled upon Winter Bloodlust by Miranda Thorn, a short winter billionaire romance that ticked all my boxes. While entertaining, its short length left me wanting more. The Bloodstone Institute’s world intrigued me, and the characters, Holly and Nick, had a captivating dynamic. Despite the tease, I craved a fuller story.

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Bloody Broken Fate by Hazel Jonas

Desperately needing a break from holiday romance, I dove into Bloody Broken Fate by Hazel Jonas—a dark vampire romance. Initial skepticism aside, the book hooked me fast. Raquel and Zeno’s patient and refreshing dynamic sets it apart from typical dark romances. The worldbuilding, with vampire mafiosos, witches, and Greek gods,

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