Review Request Slots: closed

Previously, I ran Roadside Reader and was overcome with so many review requests I eventually got burnt out and stopped reading entirely. Now, I’ve redeveloped my love of books again and am slowly opening up to review requests.

To prevent burn-out, I’ve placed a cap on how many requests I will accept for review. This page will be updated when all slots have been filled for the next 2-3 months. Before sending your request in, please go over my prerequisites below.

Accepted Formats

My medium of choice is ebooks as it is easiest for me to work with and carry around on my kindle. I have accepted copies via bookfunnel, edelweiss, and netgalley before, as well as directly via email in epub format. I can accept physical copies as well and will provide my PO Box upon acceptance.

Audiobooks are incredibly iffy. Please provide a snippet of the narrator so that I can decide whether I feel it is something I can fairly review since there are many voices my brain simply cannot process/pay attention to.

I have no preference on whether you are requesting your indie book be reviewed, or if the book has already been published or is an arc.

Accepted Genres

My two major genres of focus at the moment are romance and fantasy.

For romance, I typically will accept: billionaire, mafia, dark, enemies-to-lovers, friends-to-lovers, and holiday. Tropes generally enjoyed are: he fell first/harder, grumpy/sunshine, fake dating, forced proximity. I enjoy pairings that are m/w, w/w, and nb in either of the above. I enjoy third act complications and have no issue with other woman drama. Generally, will not review pregnancy/single parent romance and have found that reverse harems do not usually work for me.

For fantasy, I typically will accept anything, including contemporary fantasy, magic realism, young/new adult, retellings, high fantasy, epic fantasy, and dark fantasy.

I also review: paranormal/supernatural, dystopian, horror, gothic, and cozy mysteries.


Reviews are posted Mondays and Fridays, with a handful posted between the week depending on how heavy the schedule is. If you are having an ARC reviewed, I will schedule the review to be released the Monday before publication unless there is a specific other date you wish to have it posted. 

Reviews are posted on my website, as well as Amazon, Barnes and Noble, BookBub, Goodreads, and Storygraph, though if there is an additional specific retailer you’d like it published, I will do so. The review post will be shared on Facebook and Threads. A quickbite review image will be posted on Instagram, and Litsy.

Reviews are, of course, honest. If a book will not be getting a three-star-review, I will not post it on retail websites unless requested.