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There Are No Saints by Sophie LarkHaunting Adeline by H.D. CarltonIcebreaker by Hannah GraceThe Very Secret Society of Irregular Witches by Sangu MandannaTwisted Kingdom by Rina Kent

The Closed Tunnel by Anthony Harold / Book Blitz

What do you think you might find underground?

Abandoned subways and old military bunkers? Of course!
The network of catacombs? Absolutely!
Stalactite caves and ancient mines? Sure thing!

The truth is that’s just the tip of the iceberg. There is much more to the story, but no one

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The Winchester Codex by Frances Spurrier / Book Blitz

Books can be dangerous. Fitz believes he is guardian of one of the most dangerous of all – The Winchester Codex was responsible for wiping out the entire draconic race, of which he is one of the last vestiges. Caught in a trap from the deep time of history, the

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Hard Rock Girls Series by LL Ash & Pax Sinclair / Book Blitz

RiotL. L. Ash, Pax Sinclair(Hard Rock Girls Series, #1)Publication date: May 12th 2024Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance “He saved me in that group home when everything I’d ever loved was stripped away. He saved me with his smile, his kindness, and his guitar.” Tayler I’m the leftovers that nobody wanted; a

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A Court of Frost and Starlight by Sarah J Maas

Despite reservations, I read “A Court of Frost and Starlight” by Sarah J Maas, hoping for a pleasant surprise. Instead, it worsened my disappointment. Nesta Archeron, once a favorite character, is poorly treated. The narrative lacks substance, feeling like a cash grab. Skip it, and go to ao3 instead for

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Nights of Ink & Blade by Nikita Cassidy

Nights of Ink & BladeNikita Cassidy(The Rift Chronicles, #2)Publication date: May 9th 2024Genres: Adult, Fantasy Everything Nova knew about her identity is a lie. Truth is a scarce commodity on the island. Nova Lennox learned that the hard way. What was supposed to be a brief stay turned into a

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Whiskey with Wolves by Erica Spray

Whiskey with WolvesErica SprayPublication date: May 7th 2024Genres: Adult, Paranormal, Romance Sadie Crowe is a runaway hoping to make a better future for herself, but she soon discovers what it means to truly be on her own. While trying to survive bartending in the middle of nowhere, Sadie is swept

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Keepers of Time by MN Kinch / Book Blitz

Keepers of TimeM. N. Kinch(The Keepers of Time Trilogy, #1)Publication date: May 7th 2024Genres: Fantasy, New Adult, Paranormal A forgotten life. A secret passed through generations. A dangerous immortal with nothing to lose. Joan Sanders is on track for a bright future at NASA, but a strange accident and even

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The Jinn Daughter by Rania Hanna

“The Jinn Daughter” by Rania Hanna offers beautiful prose and captivating tales woven by the jinn Nadine. While heavy on exposition, it’s a unique narrative experience. Despite a faltering ending, the exploration of maternal sacrifice resonates deeply. A recommended read for those seeking literary richness and introspection on mother-daughter dynamics.

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There Are No Saints by Sophie Lark

After being disappointed by Haunting Adeline, I ventured deeper into dark, stalker romance and found There Are No Saints by Sophie Lark. Now this is what I was looking for. This is a dark, stalker romance! Cole was a pretty hot male protagonist and definitely not a hero. He is

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Haunting Adeline by HD Carlton

Haunting Adeline by HD Carlton is the turning point in my taking any recommendations from TikTok. I was so incredibly underwhelmed. This was marketed as incredibly dark with a sexy male character and a female protagonist that isn’t an idiot. Well, it was all a bunch of lies. Now, I

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Icebreaker by Hannah Grace

As everyone that follows my reviews should know by now, I am a SUCKER for hockey. I’ve been a fan of the sport my entire life, followed my team for three quarters of my life, and it’s just my thing. So of course I love hockey romances – it combines

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Twisted Kingdom by Rina Kent

We are getting straight into this review for Twisted Kingdom by Rina Kent. No introductory paragraph. Just me, telling you, this is a DARK romance and the final book in the trilogy of Aiden and Elsa, so be warned of spoilers. This was a PERFECT FIVE STAR ROMANCE. The PERFECT

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Bride by Ali Hazelwood

After really falling for The Love Hypothesis, I saw Bride by Ali Hazelwood and thought this was an absolute must read for me. I picked it up not knowing a single thing other than vampire, werewolf, Ali Hazelwood. It did not disappoint! This is a pure, paranormal romance and if

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Steel Princess by Rina Kent

The second I finished Deviant King, I picked up Steel Princess by Rina Kent because I NEEDED to know what happened next. Caution, this might have spoilers for Deviant King as this is book 2 in that trilogy. This continues to be a DARK romance with bully tendencies but the

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