The Valentine Inn by Jennifer Peel

The Valentine Inn by Jennifer Peel
Published by Independently published on January 27, 2022
Genres: Romance
Pages: 281
Format: eBook
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I, Charlotte Valentine, am mostly of sound mind. Typically, I make really good choices. I mean I went to college, never did drugs . . . I even brush and floss every day. That’s not to say I don’t make poor decisions—believe me, I do. They always seem to involve men—everything from gluing my eye shut (don’t ask) to falling in love with my boss. Did I mention he was famous? Oh, Drake Foster, you beautiful creature, you. My sister told me not to accept the position as his personal assistant. Apparently, she thinks it’s emotionally unhealthy for me to work for the object of my desire. What does she know? Well, she knew enough to tell me not to go on a little jaunt with him through a blizzard. She was definitely against us sharing the only room left at the coziest inn ever. And what happened after that she was adamant should have never happened. But, hey, it all worked out. I got the inn and the cutest kid ever. Unfortunately, Drake has no idea about either one—he really should answer his phone more—until, that is, he decides to take a trip down memory lane and shows up at my beloved inn. Let’s just say he’s surprised. But he’s not the only one. Who knew our connection would be just as strong as it always was and that all this time, I’ve haunted him as much as he’s haunted me? But this time, will love come to stay, or is it checking out for good? USA Today bestselling author Jennifer Peel presents a swoony, laugh-out-loud, magical story that will make you believe in the power of true love.


Romance is romance, but this February, I wanted to specifically read Valentine themed romance. That’s how I ended up finding The Valentine Inn by Jennifer Peel. This was such a sweet romance and definitely out of the norm from what I usually read. This had me laughing, tearing up, and swooning all at the same time.

Now, despite being called the Valentine Inn, we barely see a hint of the holiday. Instead, the inn is named after FMC’s surname. Charlotte Valentine is a dreamer, an idealist. Despite having her heart broken, she is still determined to piece everything together. I think in any other book, I would be annoyed with her. It would feel way too delusional. However, here, this felt incredibly sweet. Whether that’s because this is a short romance, or because there’s someone even more delusional (George), who can tell. MMC, Drake Foster, was dashing, but I couldn’t understand why he held this wild crazy guilt that convinced him he was the worst person in the world. Once that secret was revealed, I was just like oh, that’s it? That’s why you’re the way you are? This makes no sense. But, again, considering the reason I went into this book, I didn’t mind it! Side character Izzy Valentine, she definitely captured my attention. Was it enough to pick up the second book in this series? Perhaps next Christmas (as the book is Christmas at Valentine Inn.)

The Valentine Inn by Jennifer Peel is an incredibly sweet, low angst, closed door romance that I definitely would recommend for anyone looking for something feel good and charming.


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