No One Has To Know by Carin Hart

No One Has to Know by Carin Hart
Published by Self Published on 12/27/2022
Genres: Romance
Pages: 284
Format: eBook
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I love flowers. Being a botanist has always been my dream, but life got in the way. Nowadays, I have a job at the flower shop near my crummy apartment, so at least that's something. It might not be in the best neighborhood, but it's a bright spot in a dirty city, and at least there are usually cops around.
Lately, I've noticed one in particular keeping an eye on the shop. Officer Mason Burns. I'm friendly enough --though I can't bring myself to trust anyone in a uniform--and that ends up helping me when I'm attacked one night for the shop's deposit.
Burns comes to my rescue, arresting the punk with the knife, and I'm grateful for his help.
I'm a lot less grateful when I end up in handcuffs the next time we meet... or when he takes me home to be his prisoner.


You would think that I know better than to trust BookTok. However, me picking up No One Has to Know by Carin Hart proves I will never learn my lesson. Now, I know that’s a bit unfair of me to say because I did pick up another book by Hart set in this same mob world (review of The Devil’s Bargain coming out next week) and I did like that other book. This one, however, was undone and ruined by the ending.

What I saw on BookTok was that this would be a dark romance. I love dark romance (you’ll see what I mean with upcoming reviews for the Pleasure & Prey series.) I’m not, however, a big fan of dirty cop romance. That one was my bad for not realizing this would be that before picking it up. However, the two stars I’m giving this isn’t based on my personal likes or dislikes. It has more to do with the problems of pacing, and as mentioned earlier, that ending.

Characters, we have dirty cop Mason Burns who is obsessed with sweet florist Angela Havers. Neither is likeable. Mason says he loves Angela, but I never see it. There are plenty of stalker romances, bullymances, etc. where the MMC is deranged and treats the FMC badly, however we still see that there is love there in addition to obsession. Here, even with the dual POV, I never felt that. Characters felt incredibly flat and this might be the reason the relationship just never took off. Even the spice felt boring despite this being a “dark romance.” Firearm barely in play for one part and the rest was boring, especially considering the ‘twist’ at the end.

Speaking of this twist, this entire paragraph is going to be behind a spoiler as I discuss what this end twist is and why it bothered me so badly. View Spoiler »

Personally, I would not recommend No One Has To Know by Carin Hart. This is one side story that can absolutely be skipped. Instead, I would recommend readers try The Devil’s Bargain by Carin Hart instead because No One Has to Know does an injustice Hart as an author because she can do better and does.


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