The Naughty List by Jade West

The Naughty List by Jade West
Published by Self Published on 12/03/2023
Genres: Erotica
Pages: 272
Format: eBook
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I’ll be all alone this Christmas, broken by a pile of debt from my cheating ex, and desperate to be with my family on the other side of the world.
I’ll do anything I can to afford the flights.
Thank God, I have a friend online who can help me out. A friend who introduces me to the agency she works for, and blows my dirty mind open wide. There’s lot of money to be made – so long as you’re willing to get down and filthy for it.
And me? Desperate to spend the holidays with my family?
I’ll be doing everything on the Naughty List I possibly can…
Author’s note: If you’ve read any of my books before, you’ll know what to expect from me. Imagine pulling the kinks from my other stories, packing them up into one extra filthy holiday novel, and wrapping it up with a pretty Christmas bow. All that’s left is for you to unwrap my gift…


I came across The Naughty List by Jade West while randomly looking through a romance thread on Reddit. I figured I’d give it a shot since it seemed short and folks liked it. It was wildly hot. This isn’t a romance. It is straight erotica with barely a plot holding everything together. And honestly? I was absolutely okay with that!

I wish I had found this book back in December because it absolutely is holiday themed. We start off meeting Ella, our main character. She is in a funk, depressed over her boyfriend leaving her for another woman and in complete debt. Completely alone and working at a supermarket making minimum wage, Ella knows she needs a change. This is when she reaches out to the one online friend she has that is a s*x worker and asks about breaking into the business. Boyo, does she break into the business alright! Ella grows addicted to taking on new clients and new experiences. The author strings experiences/clients together, making it very clear what we’d be getting in each section. We start off vanilla with a nice, but boring guy, but quickly work our way to rough play, BDSM, CNC, and more. I really loved how each encounter was different and the clients did not seem to be blurred repeats of the same person.

I really enjoyed The Naughty List by Jade West. It was a great erotic read with characters that all seemed quiet lovely. The ending was happy and I wouldn’t say no to reading more. Absolutely look at the content warnings before going into this, however, so you which kinks to expect. I’d hate for you to pick this up and hate it simply because you didn’t appreciate a kink but ignored the CW list.


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