A Kiss From a Demon by Charlotte Swan

A Kiss From a Demon by Charlotte Swan
Series: Kiss From a Monster #1
Published by Amazon Digital Services on December 20, 2022
Genres: Demons, Erotica, Monster
Pages: 78
Format: eBook
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Irys Evergrove only wanted one thing: to avoid marriage to the lecherous duke that has desired her long before she came of age. Those in her village speak of a demon that lives in The Woods, a magical land that very few humans dare to enter. Her desperation sends her into the heart of the forest until she comes face to face with a creature pulled straight from her nightmares.
So why does he excite her in a way no mortal man ever has?
Begging him to save her from her marriage he agrees but refuses the meager amount of coins she offers him. What this demon desires from her is one pleasure-filled night with her in his cottage. This demon unlocks something inside of Irys she has long since buried. When the sun rises in the morning will she truly be able to start her new life with the freedom she bargained for? Or will she realize that the passion she found between her and the demon of The Woods is not something so easily found again?


I finally decided to try venturing back into monster romance after my previously disastrous foray into the genre. I’m really glad I did because A Kiss From a Demon by Charlotte Swan was such a good, quick read and a great way to get into monster romance.

I went into this believing this would be just a straight erotica read with no plot, just sex. Pleasantly surprised to find out that wasn’t strictly the case! For a book under 80 pages, there was enough substance to keep me interested. Irys has come to age and her father promises to marry her off to a gross lech of a man that has been lusting after her since she was a literal child. Desperate to stop that, she goes off into the woods to make a deal with a demon. Is he a sexy demon? To Irys he is, but he definitely is monstrous. The spice, which is like 80% of the book, is top notch. Well written and enjoyable! The story that makes up the remaining 20% is good! It makes sense and gets easily resolved.

If you’re someone that is looking to get into monster romance, I definitely think A Kiss From a Demon by Charlotte Swan is a good introduction. Good spice, straight to the point, and doesn’t linger on unnecessary set dressing.


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